As a consumer, no one can blame you for not knowing how Apple’s recent iOS 14.5更新与以前的版本有任何不同. 作为市场营销专业人士, 然而, 你可能已经看过无数的推文了, 头条雷竞技注册, 讲解员, and insider takes on what the 更新’s privacy changes will mean for our industry.

那么,这对拥有数字影响力的品牌意味着什么呢? Three of DKY’s subject matter experts weigh in from their respective disciplines.


在数字营销的高速公路上,苹果iOS 14的影响.5 更新 will be a significant detour for some brands, and only a mile marker for others.

How this privacy 更新 impacts various businesses comes down to their reliance on iOS app tracking. Those who heavily depend on customer data harvested from iPhone or iPad apps will feel the impact almost immediately. Some experts are predicting a drop in customer-shared data from 10% – 70%.

为什么共享数据会减少这么多? Users will have full visibility and control over where their data is tracked and shared. One of the biggest decisions—to be tracked or not—is being shown front and center through an in-app notification.

If you’re a brand that lives and dies by customer behavior tracking in your iOS app, 这次更新已经开始改变你的世界了.

But even businesses with no iOS apps of their own will feel the pinch when it comes to advertising on platforms like 脸谱网. Fewer opted-in users could mean smaller personalized audiences to target.

无论如何,苹果iOS 14的影响.5更新已经在数字营销行业产生了涟漪. 广告商将不得不寻找新的方式来提供个性化的广告. 至少, they’ll need to start by earning more trust from users and demonstrate the value of opting-in to data sharing.

Some brands—those without an app in the iOS store—will watch this unfold from the sidelines, while other brands will inevitably try to resist or ignore these changes, 从长远来看很难与之竞争. The best approach for brands is to adapt to privacy 更新s like these and learn to thrive despite temporary setbacks.

这不是一个孤立的事件, it’s just further proof that Apple (mostly) sides with consumers when it comes to privacy. 并且拥有超过一半的手机市场, raybet雷竞技注册可以确定苹果的未来, 不管他们愿不愿意,很多人都会效仿.

社交媒体合作伙伴Grace Skogen:

苹果iOS 14.5 更新 is a hot topic in social media 市场营销 as it relates to 脸谱网 advertising. 这个更新, Apple prohibits certain data collection and sharing unless users opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices via a message prompt. 这主要影响了脸谱网的像素功能, which tracks website conversations from 脸谱网 and is typically used for retargeting advertisements. The impact will reduce the audience size for ads due to users opting out of 脸谱网 tracking.

This change is a barrier for marketers who are used to accessing user data for targeted ad campaigns and related measurement on 脸谱网. 在回应, 一种被称为恶化事件测量的“变通方法”应运而生, 它允许直接从iOS 14设备上测量web事件. 因此, companies that need to verify their domain in business manager will now track those who visit the domain rather than from their iOS 14 device.

在一般情况下, this 更新 is an important reminder to make sure your advertising strategy isn’t one-dimensional. Social media is shared space—the changes that Apple or social media platforms make are out of our control. 品牌需要不断适应和多样化. Make sure you have a well-established 电子邮件 list and explore other social advertising options such as YouTube, LinkedIn, 和Pinterest建立一个全渠道的方法.

尽管加强了隐私控制, many people will continue to opt in to share their data since it offers a more personalized experience on 脸谱网 and on other apps. 大概有2个.全世界有80亿脸谱网用户. Even if half of the users decide they don’t want their data shared with 脸谱网, 仍然有超过10亿人可以成为目标. We won’t really know the full impact of this 更新 until companies report back on their recent 脸谱网 advertising campaigns compared to previous campaign results.


随着iOS 14的引入.5, Apple is forcing a global debate about who owns and controls user data. 这是一个 泰坦之战让苹果, 作为消费者隐私的倡导者, 与脸谱网, whose profits rely heavily on user data from the company’s online advertising platform.

苹果并不是第一家捍卫数据隐私的公司. There have been parallel initiatives underway for several years now, starting with the GDPR 后来被加州收养 CCPA, both of which require companies to gain consumer consent to share their information online for 市场营销 purposes, as well as the rights to have their data downloaded or deleted as they desire.

另一个迫在眉睫的变化是 禁用第三方cookie 或跟踪像素. First-party cookies are specific to websites that you browse and the web forms you complete to share your information. Third-party cookies track visitors outside of their own domain and are traditionally aligned with drip-市场营销 campaigns and programmatic 市场营销 where automation is used to buy and sell ads.

依赖消费者数据的公司, 脸谱网等, Instagram, 推特, 和谷歌, rely heavily on third-party cookies and are concerned this shakeup may greatly impact their current business models. 担心失去关键广告收入, some of these companies are threating to charge for services that are currently free.

随着越来越多的数据保密运动, 数字平台和广告商可以挖掘的数据将会更少. 但在这一小部分数据中, there will likely be a more engaged and dedicated base of consumers who will come along for the customer journey and become brand advocates.

iOS 14的新保护措施.5更新将把控制权转移回消费者手中. This requires brands to shift their 市场营销 strategies from buying lists and mining user data, 专注于与客户建立信任关系. 重视透明度的品牌, 提供丰富的信息和价值, and present solutions to real-world problems will be rewarded by consumer loyalty, 品牌的宣传, 和增加收入.

DKY has always promoted the foundational idea that a customer-centric brand wins. 以及iOS 14这样的市场颠覆者.更新强调了这个事实. 而不是迷失在跟踪像素和cookie的细节中, 回到建立一个更容易的重点, 为您的客户提供更多有益的体验.

When customers have full control of their data, their experiences, and their decisions, we all win. 这是你能做的最有价值的投资.